Welcome to My Cooking Affairs!

Hello, folks!

I'm Coriander and I've a confession to make.

I HAVE AN AFFAIR.  With cooking.

It all started when I relocated to Australia from Singapore to live with my husband.  As I'm on a temporary career break, the infamous excuse of "I haven't got time!" from the hopeless cook can no longer apply to my present situation. 

Living in a new and temperate environment also means I'm constantly craving for my comfort and ethnic food, sometimes just to blanket me from the winter chills.  Sounds like a perfect glutton's excuse, I know.  Like most of my compatriots, my taste palette is wide-ranging. Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Western cuisines, you name it, we love it!  Our obsession with food is as Singaporean as footy is Australian.

I'm neither a chef nor a kitchen expert, just a cooking enthusiast who cooks fuss-free Halal dishes that my family enjoys and for our daily survival - right here, in my kitchen.  It helps that Australia has some of the freshest Halal meat, vegetables and dairy produce you can imagine.  It makes me fall in love with cooking even more and I want to share my passion with you.  

I'm only too happy to call my kitchen MY NEW OFFICE and the utensils are my stationery.  In other words, I'm having an "office affair" like no other. One affair uncontrollably led to another, it's not just one.  Plural.  And I'm loving them!

Come with me, as I spill the juicy details of... my office... err ...
MY COOKING AFFAIRS - Fearlessly Simple & Home Cooked.

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